Basement Windows

Turnkey Basement Window Installation

If you want windows in your basement, you need Donahue Masonry. Our Turnkey process gets you quality windows done faster and for less. Here’s how:

We are the one contractor who can do every step. We have excavation equipment that can get into tight spaces and remove the dirt.  We also have heavy-duty concrete saws to cut through your basement walls. We will connect to your foundation’s drain for positive drainage.  Then install an egress area well.  For the window we build the treated window buck frame from pressure treated lumber and frame a header if necessary.  We also install the window, trim, and caulk.  To finish we backfill with clear stone and it top off with clay to shed water. Compare this to hiring three or four different contractors. (1) Excavation and hauling (2) Concrete Cutter (3) Carpenter to install header, framing, window and trim (4)  Install window well and backfill.

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