Commercial Masonry

Responsive – Quality – Production

Donahue Masonry is not your typical sub contractor.  When we are involved in your project, our commitment is to the success of the entire project.  We start by going over the plans.  Once we understand the project we will coordinate with the other subs to make sure the job runs smoothly.  By doing so, we head off small issues before they can become big problems.

“I look forward to having Donahue on the job because I know the project is going to run smooth”

Before a job begins we communicate with our supplier to make sure that all the materials are stocked, staged, and ready for a prompt delivery.   On day one of any project, Mr. Donahue personally makes sure that every mason has the same jointers, rakers and brushes so that all the joints are even and consistent.

As the master Mason, Donahue constantly walks the job and gives his crews adjustments to the depth of their joints, how they brush them, and when they brush them so at the end of the day you can’t tell who worked where.  It all looks the same.  Consistency is the key to quality, especially on large jobs with big crews.

At the end of every day Donahue does a final inspection.  He checks for consistent mortar joints, proper layout, square and plumb walls.  In the rare case there is an issue it gets remedied before the mortar has cured.  “I don’t leave a job until I know everything is perfect. Then I can rest.”